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AltaCam is a website that features information on life and powder skiing in Alta. It's been a good summer in Utah, and now we're ramping up for the 2011-12 ski season. If you agree to check in often, we'll agree to another 700"+ winter! Deal? (posted September 26, 2011)

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Skiing Emphasis

Alta, Utah, November 29, 2005 - By limiting the number of skiers in the area and by not allowing snowboarding, Alta strongly upholds a commitment to your skiing experience. Available terrain and lift capacity help establish a limit on the number of skiers allowed in Alta, with the intent of adding consistency and value to your time spent.

When the relatively infrequent times occur that we have to limit the number of skiers we can allow into the area, (primarily during holiday periods and powder filled weekends), the timing is usually mid-morning through early afternoon. Whenever possible, this closure information is announced on the AM 530 station at least 1/2 hour before the restriction occurs so guests en route can make choices. Arriving early during holiday periods and snowy weekends is the best advice.

Check in on the Alta Ski Forum at this web site to get information on current snow conditions and skier population.

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