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If you ever walked up to line before 8am on a big day at Alta, you've probably seen Corry Ehlers (aka Hardcore), Rob Rowley and a few other junkies dug in and waiting to be unleashed on the powder. Hardcore has been around a while, and he's one of the early morning icons who can't be faded. Enjoy reading the transcript of Johnny B and Corry's dicussion or download/listen to the MP3 podcast.

Johnny B: Hello, skiers. This is Johnny B for Today, I'll be talking with - you might have heard of him - "Hardcore" Corry Ehlers.

Corry, I remember when I first got here, I remember my first or second season, I saw this guy on these long, skinny skis just ripping down Warm Up on his way to Germania. Turns out it was you. And it was pretty impressive and you've been here ever since just killing it.

You know, you've made a habit, Corry, of [Laughter] being out there in line. You've become a real powder junky over the years. And for those of you who don't know Hardcore, he is the guy who's always up pretty much first in line on the deep powder days. What keeps you going, Corry?

Hardcore: Addiction.

Johnny B: It's very clear that you are addicted and you're willing to pretty much, you know, fight for your spot in line. Tell us a little bit about the etiquette and the rules of being up front in line.

Hardcore: It's pretty basic. First person there - it's their chair. They can give it to whoever they want. If you're willing to bust out for it.

Because, you know, let's face the facts. If I get there at 7:00 in the morning to have that first chair shot.

Johnny B: That's right.

Hardcore: I'm not riding with some beater that just walked up and decided he's dropping first chair with me, man! That's for me and my friends - as far as skiing.

Johnny B: All right. Well, fair enough. So that's not happening?

Hardcore: No, that doesn't happen. It hasn't happened yet and I've almost had a little minor confrontation here or two about it.

Johnny B: Is that right?

Hardcore: Yeah.

Johnny B: Talk about that, will you?

Hardcore: We just had a kid that was first year at PDawg one day. He tried to come in on us, and then he went back over in line. He's just sitting there bitching and moaning. And, yeah, I kept my mouth shut for a long time, but he just kept going and kept going. I've finally just, kind of, snapped on him, told him the rules and said, "If you don't like it, the rope is right there. Let's step on the other side we'll go!"


Johnny B: That's great.

Hardcore: Yeah.

Johnny B: There you have it. Talk about like some of the deepest days you can remember here at Alta, some of the biggest years, you know. What was your favorite year? What was your favorite time?


Johnny B: Era?

Hardcore: I kept a journal for years, which does kind of help because then you can remember those epic days.

Johnny B: Right.

Hardcore: But they all blend together


Johnny B: They sure do. That's right.

Hardcore: After so many face shots, you're pretty much senseless.

Johnny B: Hardcore, tell us. What does Alta mean to you? What does it meant to you all these years?

Hardcore: Fulfillment. It just doesn't get any better. I've tried to think of other places to move, to live, but this place is the mecca. It really is. I mean, if you're a powder skier, it's the place to be. You can't beat it.

Johnny B: There you have it, folks! Corry Ehlers, otherwise known as "Hardcore". This is Johnny B for Let's go skiing brother!

Hardcore: Let's do it, man!

Johnny B: Yeah!

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